Midori – Reflexology

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Through the centuries the sound of the most powerful instrument – the human voice — has rung out in contemplation and reflection. Combining for the first time the purity of ancient gregorian chant with the beauty of the finest New World instrumental music, “Gregorian Harmony” will create the ideal ambience for your own meditative journey, or simple reflective spiritual relaxation.

Midori combines the Gregorian chants with modern instruments making an album of a Classical / New Age style. This album exploits this unusual fusion while supplying us with a series of enchanting themes. The compositions are not too slow, but rather with quite dynamic rhythms. The album, which can be labelled as New Instrumental Music, also has Space traits and some light touches of World Music. The synthesizers create a mystic environment. The melodies are of a soft character, romantic.

Midori – 01 – Healing And Cleansing


Download: Part1, Part2

Link Leech


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  1. chienngueyn said,

    Tháng Một 9, 2007 lúc 1:05 chiều

    Mấy album của midori không hiểu sao download xuống 1 số giải nén ra toàn bị error một vài file

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