Matthew Lien – Voyage To Paradise

MP3 320 Kbps | 41:35 Min | Size: 97,02 Mb | New Age

Matthew Lien is a recording artist living in the Yukon Territory of Canada. Lien masterfully orchestrates his music, using anywhere from two to twenty-nine musicians, to produce a variety of styles from Celtic to European folk, Ethnic pulse/rock to light jazz, love songs to classical and has recently been acclaimed for his choral works for young voices. Throughout all of this work Lien adds texture and color, creating rich sounds that invariably awaken the passions of the listener.

After his Bleeding Wolves (1995) became a market legend in Taiwan (150,000 copies), Matthew Lien is back with Voyage to Paradise– a gift presented to Taiwan and the whole world. Raised in the wilderness and unlimited by academic training, this music genius blends his characteristic Celtic music with Taiwan’s folk music–Irish flute, Celtic fiddle, Chinese er-hu, guitar, piano and many other surprising instruments all come together to create a spectacular audio wonderland.

Here Lien cooperates with Taiwan’s musicians and folk song artists, molding a new landscape of cross-cultural world music, and more than 20 kinds of Taiwan nature’s sounds. Come to this Paradise, and you will find a most unique masterpiece of Matthew Lien, a beautiful prayer for wild nature, and a brightest hope for the coming millenium.

01 – The First Encounter
02 – Island Collage
03 – Rains On Seashore
04 – Grasshopper Flirting
05 – Marble Canyon
06 – Recalling The Past
07 – Trial Duet
08 – Lovesick Under The Moon
09 – Pinpu Woman
10 – Country Opera Song
11 – Don’t Say Good-Bye, Taiwan



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