Fan Zong-Pei – Colors Of Water

MP3 VBR~256 Kbps | 55:54 Min | Size: 102,00 Mb
Genre: Relaxation, Smooth Jazz, New Age

Based on the novel created by Pai HSIEN-YUNG (A master of Chinese literature), television drama “Crystal Boys” is not just a gay story. It also portrays the conflicts between individuals and society, the entangled desires of the “Exiled Sons” and their struggles for salvation. Known as the genius of scores, Fan ZONG-PEI integrated himself with the family bound, friendship and romance of the story in creating the background music. This is a crossover album that mixes modern glamour and southern Chinese memories. Inspired by the trip to a famous Chinese water-country, various musicians collaborated to create Colors of Water. Golden Melody Award winner Fan ZONG-PEI’s cello, Lin HAI and Peng JING’s piano play magic in the album. The three musicians also composed and arranged music that blends eastern instruments. Su chow tunes (Ping tan) became lounge music in a minimal circulation, as cello, violin and piano walked on the water. It is not just water’s changing colors but also beautiful reflections of your heart.

01 – Strange Encounter
02 – Colors Of Water
03 – The 13Rd Month
04 – Song Of The Ferryman
05 – Dancing Misty
06 – Passing By
07 – Blue Stoned Street In Setting
08 – Still Water Runs Deep
09 – Waving Good-Bye


Download: Part1, Part2

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