Midori – Secret of the Panpipes (1998)

MP3 192 Kbps | 45:18 Min | Size: 61,70 Mb

The mystical, ancient sound of the panpipes rides over the sound of ocean waves, while quiet keyboards and strings become a backdrop to the haunting quality of this magical instrument. The album flows with deep resonant chords and rivulets of melody, to create a continuous recording ideal for meditation or reflective thought. Featuring Panpipes, Shaku, Tibetan bowl, Deep Tribal Drum, Bell Tree, Orchestral Tremolo Strings, Keyboards, and the Ocean. It invokes a sense of well-being, and draws the listener into a wonderful soundscape. This recording captures the pure beauty of New World Music, and it reveals the Secret of the Panpipes as an instrument of music that will relax, inspire and uplift you.


01. Secrets
02. Nature’s Prayer


Download: Rapidshare.com

Link Leech


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