Sound of Music Box


Format: Mp3 | Size: 90MB | Bitrate: >128kbps

1. Unchained Melody
2. Music Box Dancer
3. All Out Of Love
4. Because I Love You
5. Hello
6. How Deep Is Your Love
7. How Can I Tell Her
8. I Just Called To Say I Love You
9. When I Need You
10. Just When I Needed You Most
11. My Heart Will Go On
12. Only You
13. Sailing
14. Candle In The Wind
15. Love Is Love
16. And I Love You So
17. If You Leave Me Now
18. Wonderful Tonight
19. Right Here Waiting
20. Sukiyaki


Download: from

From: Megaupload



4 phản hồi

  1. peaceful said,

    Tháng Mười Hai 29, 2006 lúc 8:53 sáng

    Thank you a lot!

  2. Professor05 said,

    Tháng Một 2, 2007 lúc 5:07 sáng

    Yeah, thanks!!!
    Appreciate it very much!!!

  3. loveinstrumentalmusic said,

    Tháng Một 3, 2007 lúc 10:51 chiều

    This is even more than wonderful!!!
    The sound is so pure, so nice and so lovely!!!
    Thanks a bunch!!!

  4. meomaika said,

    Tháng Một 4, 2007 lúc 5:02 chiều

    ^^ This site is so great!

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