Where host to Upload

What hosting to upload all album. We try but we think Rapidshare and Megaupload are a best choice. Because Rapidshare.com hasn’t share direct link, so I can’t get direct link for you. However, Megaupload can get direct link for you.

Because RS and MU  have a large space and large BW (Bandwidth), we had choiced there. We know, download in RS or MU are hard work, but we don’t find any hosting to upload better RS&MU.

Beside, If I upload (hoaihung), I will up to MU and RS, but lucky_boy can only up to RS. This is a problem of us, we will try to upload to 2 hosting.

And if you have hosting that want to share or help us, please contact me (hoaihung2001).

If you love Instrumental Music (special Chinese) and want to give some donation to help us build up website, please contact me (hoaihung2001).


Instrumental Music Album – HoaTau Blog

Hoai Hung: (Y!M): hoaihung2001


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