Julian Bream Edition – Vol.17 – Two Loves

Julian Bream Edition – Vol.17 – Two Loves
Classical | MP3 | 256 Kbps | Covers | ~ 62 Mb | Rapidshare

Tracks list

1. My Lady Hundson’s Puffe
2. ‘If Music And Sweey Poetry Agree’ (Sonnet From The Passionate Pilgrim)
3. The King Of Denmark’s Galliard
4. Envoi To The Phoenix And The Turtle
5. Mignarda
6. ‘The Courser And The Genet’ (From Venus And Adonis)
7. Queen Elizabeth’s Galliard
8. Loth To Depart
9. ‘She Looks Upon His Lips’ (Death of Adaonis From Venus And Adonis)
10. The Earl Of Derby’s Galliard
11. ‘Orpheous With His Lute’ (From King Henry VIII, Act III, Scene 1)
12. Lachrimae Pavin
13. ‘Weary With Toil’ (Sonnet No.27)
14. ‘Is It Thy Will?’ (Sonnet No.61)
15. ‘O, Never Say That I Was False Of Heart’ (Sonnet No.109)
16. Tarleton’s Resurrection
17. ‘My Mother Had A Maid Call’d Barbara’ (From Othello, Act IV, Scene 3)
18. Tarleton’s Resurrection
19. ‘Come Away, Come Away, Death’ (From Twelfth Night, Act II, Scene 4)
20. A Fancy
21. ‘Two Loves I Have’ (Sonnet No.144)
22. ‘The Expense Of Spirit’ (Sonnet No.129)
23. Melancholy Galliard
24. ‘But She Hath Lost A Dearer Thing Than Life’ (From The Rape Of Lucrece)
25. ‘Ev’n In This Thought’ (From The Rape Of Lucrece)
26. Semper Dowland, Semper Dolens
27. ‘What Potions Have I Drunk’ (Sonnet No.119)
28. ‘When To The Sessions’ (Sonnet No.30)
29. Orlando Sleepeth
30. ‘Fear No More’ (Dirge For Fidele From Cymbeline, Act IV, Scene 2)


Download: Julian Bream Edition – Vol.17 – Two Loves

Password (if require): https://hoatau.wordpress.com


2 phản hồi

  1. bao said,

    Tháng Mười Một 15, 2006 lúc 11:00 chiều

    plz help me! i have a pratice about music classical and i want download music in this website to pratice. thanks alot

  2. hoaihung said,

    Tháng Mười Một 15, 2006 lúc 11:33 chiều

    you can chat with me (Y!M: hoaihung2001) to get a direct link RS. With direct link, you can download with max speed. Thanks

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