Young talent guitarist contest in my country (2000)

1st prize – Bui Tuan Anh
1. Suite Memories of the Highlands: The Highland soundscape – Music of fire (Hoang Ngoc Tuan)
2. Sonata in D major: I. Allegretto Tranquillo – II. Andante – III. Allego Vivio (J. Turina)

2nd prize – Nguyen Van Phuc
3. La Catedral (A. Barrios Mangoré)
4. Gavotte in Rondo. BWW 1006 (J.S.Bach)

3rd prize – Nguyen Phuong Thao
5. Usher Waltz (N. Koshkin)
6. Variation on a theme by Mozart (F. Sor)

4th prize – Le Thi Thu
7. Vals Venezolano No.3 (A.Lauro)
8. Danza in e minor (J. Morel)

If you’d like to know the rymth of our highland then track 1 would satisfy 🙂


(the download links are ordered as the track list above, sorry for separate links)


will update Rar link


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