Essence of Chinese Music

Tracklist CD1

01-Sister to Colombia jumped flow.mp3
03-The iceberg Xuelian.mp3
05-Disputes innermost thoughts.mp3
06-Funeral flowers.mp3
07-Small Chinese cabbage.mp3
09-Rippling Brook.mp3
10-Dark red Zaoer to relatives.mp3
11-99 bright sunny day.mp3
12-in the water- Hill.mp3
15-Turpan grapes cooked.mp3
16-In the peach flowers traffic.mp3
17-distant springs and pure.mp3
18-thrown up my beloved territories pipa.mp3


Tracklist CD2: No list here.

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Password: hoaihung


%(count) bình luận

  1. hoaihung said,

    Tháng Mười 25, 2006 lúc 1:10 sáng

    no need to say that. rate 7/10. must hear

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